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Driver Training
Thank you for your interest in our behind-the-wheel training course, you have made the right choice. whether you are a teen wanting to get your driver license or an adult looking to improve your driving skills, our course is very effective in accomplishing both. 

Our expert driving instructors are properly and thoroughly trained to provide the best and most accurate up to date instruction possible. All our instructors are California DMV certified, professional and very caring.  We won't just cover the basics, but all students will be challenged to the best of their driving ability. Each lesson will cover a different area with challenging obstacles.

The leading cause of death amongst teeneagers is a traffic collision. Inexperience, distractions and risk-taking are all factors in traffic fatalitie. We will teach students the most effective techniques on how to deal with road rage, distractions, fatigue and aggressive drivers on the road. Our course is broken down into the five fundamentals of driving: awareness, common sense, caution, patience and courtesy.

students will learn:

Psychology of driving
Rules of the road
Sharing the road
Defensive driving
Freeway driving
Road test preparation

 Free pick up and drop off
We cover most zip codes in the city of Riverside.
The following zip codes qualify for free pick up and drop off:
92503, 92504, 92505, 92506, 92508

Students in the following zip codes should call our office to make sure your area qualifies for free pick up and drop off.

92501, 92507, 92509

We also cover certain parts of Corona. 

No student overlapping
All of our lessons are one-on-one with the instructor. We do not overlap students like most schools do. You will not feel intimidated or embarrassed by having other students in the car with you. Therefore, you are able to relax and focus more on developing your skills.  Students will not waste their lessons picking up and driving other students home thus, maximizing their lessons to the fullest.

6 Hours Driver Training (Behind-The-Wheel) 
(Minors Only)
DMV completion  certificate included
Please call our office to register.
Online Driver Education & 6 Hours Driver   Training Package
(Minors Only)

Pay only  a $65.00 deposit  now,  then $395.00 when you come back and register for our 6 hours behind the wheel package.

Students registering for the bundle package of driver training with  either online driver education or classroom driver education should  call our office to make sure your zip code qualifies for free pick up  and drop off. Our pricing is only for minors. Adults please call our office for rates.

Freeway Driving & Traffic School requires that cancellation of a scheduled appointment be made 24 hours before the scheduled date and time. For cancellations that are less than 24 hours, and "no shows"  there will be a $50.00 fee added that must be paid before the next lesson. "No show includes, but are not limited to, 1. Student not having permit at time of appointment. 2. Student not reachable: (ie; moved to new address, phone number not working, changed, home, but no answer, dogs in yard, ect...) We have a very strict no refund policy-NO EXCEPTIONS!

Promotional package pricing for driver education, and driver training is good for up to 1 year from date of registration, or 18th birthday, which ever comes first. Should promotional pricing increase, within a 12 month period from original date of registration, the customer is still guranteed the lower price originally registered. After a 12 month period from the original date of registration, either for online driver education or driver training, students who do not complete the program within this time frame, here by forfeit any balance and remaining hours.

Replacement driver education and or driver training certificates are available at a replacement fee of  $35.00. Please call  our office to make arrangements for a new certificate.

We reserve the right to cancel, and re-schedule an appointment at any time without prior notice 
classroom driver education may be canceled at anytime for any reason, or unforeseen event due to last minute emergencies, illness, traffic, weather conditions, and vehicle malfunctions.

Note: Permit is not valid until after the first 2 hours of  driver training and signed by a licensed driving instructor.

Unmarked dual brake vehicles
All our vehicles are unmarked and no one will know you are a student driver. Our vehicles are unmarked to give our students the everyday and real driving experience. Over the years, we have experienced that driving in marked vehicles provokes other drivers to cut you off, tailgate, and take your right away intentionally to make the student more nervous. This increases risk and compromises the safety of the student and our instructors. All our vehicles are dual brake, which means the instructor is able to stop the car from the passenger side.

Lesson 1

Seat Adjustment 
Mirror Adjustment
Seat belts
Vehicle Controls
Blind Spot Check
3 Second Rule
Following Distance
Start, Stops
Left Turns
Right Turns
Curb Parking
Reverse, Straight
Forward, Straight
3 Point Turns
Turn abouts
Lesson 2

Review Skills From Lesson 1
Center Turn Lanes
Hill Driving
Parking Perpendicular/Diagonal
Hill Parking Up/Down Hill
Parallel Parking
Down Shifting
Driving On Major Streets
Lane Changes
Blind Intersections
Uncontrolled Intersections
Lesson 3

Review Skills From Lesson 2
Defensive Maneuvers
Freeway-On and Off Ramps
Freeway Merging With Traffic
Practice Test
Arm Signals

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